The New EclipseUML 2011 UML 2.2 Diagrams

EclipseUML 2011 is an intuitive, fully featured and very powerfull tool which support all 13 UML 2.2 diagrams.
The UML 2.2 diagrams below show an example of student enrollment in a UML University :

Deployment Diagram Object Diagram Class Diagram

Sequence Diagram Activity Diagram Package Diagram

Component Diagram
State Diagram Robustness Diagram

Composite Structure Diagram

In the last 6 years Omondo has been permanently improving the use of SWT for creating UML diagrams.
SWT is a lot more flexible and powerful than Swing.
Directly using native SWT API allows to manage huge graphical diagram manipulation without freezing your windows.
Directly using the core of GEF and EMF API is also a lot more powerful than just using the GMF plugin.

If you try EclipseUML 2011 you will see the difference when modeling large projects.
No freeze, no memory crash etc....