Change Log EclipseUML 2008 Studio Editions (Java and JEE)

EclipseUML_E342_2008_studioEdition_3.4.2.v20090702 - July 2th 2009

  • AndroMDA UML 2.1 rules transformator is now public and not just for paid customer. New . See more..
  • Procedure in the variable property fixed
This build is available at:

EclipseUML_E342_2008_studioEdition_3.4.2.v20090618 - June 18th 2009

  • Eclipse 3.4.2 compatible New
  • Transform UML classifiers into Java classes/interfaces New
  • All Model Element Diagram - fully MDA no Java Classe New
  • Use Case diagram now includes Extension points inside the model and displayed graphically New
  • Collaboration diagram self message fixed
  • Enum with parameter problem fixed
  • Show multiplicity on non navigable association New
  • generics model creation fixed
  • show hide association ends  New
  • drag and drop the same usecase in more than one diagram fixed
  • Association in Robustness diagram fixed
  • AndroMDA compatible .uml file directly available in the package explorer New
  • UseCase model information includes now directly in the UML Superstructure: Name, Abstract, extension points, pre condition, post condition, ran, trigger, priority, scope, complexity, application, normal flow, alternative flow, description. New
  • comment and constraints which are graphical are now also live synchronized with the UML Superstructure New

EclipseUML_E340_2008_studioEdition_3.4.1.v20081211 - December 11th 2008

  • Sequence diagram PNG and JPG images export don't show message fixed
  • Image export of the composite structure diagram New
  • Open Xmi and Property View contextual menu in the Sequence Diagram New
  • Manually move Instance having coming from a creation message layout Fixed
  • Unify connection link is nicer enhancement
  • Actor is possible in component diagram fixed
  • Format Group Menu in all diagram if same elements are selected New
  • Alignment contextual menu New
  • Action can have more than one line in the Activity diagram New
  • XMI Back : This option will recreate full project information and backup it inside the xmi model. New
  • Model Merge : This option will merge existing model with the latest java code. It means that you can reverse a project at the beginning, and then update your model without deleting any existing information. New
  • Show Hide Multiplicity inside Component and Deployment diagram New
  • Delete java classifiers from your project code > all classifiers will immediately become MDA (e.g. only related to the Model and not anymore to java) New
  • Paste and copy diagrams inside another project > All existing elements will become read only New
  • Paste and copy diagrams + model of a reversed java project > all classifiers will become MDA New
  • EMF compare integration for SVN and CVS New
  • Eannotions in the XMI Model should use relative path fixed
  • Format menu in deployment; communication and object diagrams fixed

EclipseUML_E340_2008_studioEdition_3.4.1.v20081030 - October 30th 2008

  • Projects full refresh and cleaning at Eclipse start up in order to avoid license problem Enhancement
  • Multiple project merge NEW
  • few non blocking bug fixed on class, sequence, usecase diagrams Enhancement
  • UseCase Diagram show hide association multiplicity NEW
  • Deployment diagram new elements "Device & execution environment" New
  • Drag and drop inner elements in and out inside other elements at multiple deployment diagram graphical traceability fixed
  • Export image truncating of methods and attributes fixed
  • Component diagram having lollipop interfaces in an inner component fixed
  • Keywords on action Enhancement
  • Add required interface on component in the deployment diagram New
  • Return message with a Label inside sequence diagram New
  • State value is now saved in the model New
  • Node can be created inside an existing node Enhancement
  • Add a note in the communication diagram Fixed
  • save is now synchronized in the Project Explorer View between UML model tree navigation and UML diagrams New
  • delete from model elements and clean metamodel fixed
  • drag and drop communication diagram elements New
  • insert Interface supertypes in the diagram fixed
  • link thickness in the communication diagram fixed
  • associations in the usecase diagram fixed
  • interface as lolipop in component, usecase and deployment diagram New
  • automatic creation of dependencies with stereotype fixed
  • Model full merge after drag and drop
  • Drag and drop of RSA 7 and Eclipse Modeling elements NEW
  • EclipseUML multiple projects Merge New
  • RSA 7 projects Merge New
  • Eclipse Modeling Tools project Merge New
  • All Java annotations are live syncrhonized with model and UML Editor New
  • method truncated in export image fixed
  • Dimension on methods and attributes not displayed in the diagram fixed
  • Arrange All without changing package inner layout New
The sequence diagram has also been improved:
  • Move label on a message in the sequence diagram (This is a regression in the September 5th build fixed:oops::oops: )
  • Straight line on a message in the Sequence Diagram in order to change anchors New
  • Message wizard New button in the sequence diagram message fixed
  • resize activation bar
  • Straight Message Line (New)
  • Resize Frame
  • Move Frame
  • Name of the Frame
  • Return element
  • a regression in the reverse of inner Frames inside the Sequence diagram fixed
  • the frame should be moving with the activation bar is it is moving below the frame fixed
  • Note can't be added to sequence diagram fixed
  • Instance of a creation message can't move if you create a frame fixed
  • lifelane layout New
  • Move frame synchronized with UML2 New
  • New instance synchronized with Frame New
  • Move inner frame fixed
  • Reverse method fixed
  • Reverse multiple inner frames fixed

EclipseUML_E340_2008_studioEdition_3.4.0.v20080905 - September 5th 2008

  • Template signature creation on class and interface New
  • Port inside the class diagram New
  • Slow down reverse engineering display New
  • Keywords extended to all UML elements New
  • Reverse of Legacy Jar file New
  • Multiple project modeling New
  • Object Diagram upgrade to UML 2.1 metamodel and UML Editor and many goodies New
  • Communication Diagram upgrade to UML 2.1 metamodel and UML Editor and many goodies New
  • Sequence diagram reverse enhancement fixed
  • Sequence diagram reverse of multiple legacy project New
  • Dynamic navigation New
  • Diagram explorer New

EclipseUML_E340_2008_studioEdition_3.4.0.v20080704 - July 14th 2008

  • Inners Class not synchronize with XMI Editor fixed
  • Association type update fixed
  • Show All JavaDoc New
  • Dependencies detection should not always be autodetected fixed
  • Package merge if refactor of the Java code fixed
  • Label color in sequence diagram fixed
  • Attribute and method colors fixed

EclipseUML_E340_2008_studioEdition_3.4.0.v20080704 - July 4th 2008

  • Reverse of .class elements : fixed
  • Show Super Type: fixed
  • Scroll bar location could other than 0 : fixed
  • Java element having same name than UML element using a different type: fixed
  • UseCase diagram with stereotypes will not open : fixed
  • Retunr type in Sequence diagram : fixed
  • Frame and return type: fixed
  • effect parameter : fixed
  • Icone on Usecase and actor : fixed
  • hide compartment refresh : fixed
  • Interface as a lolipop : New

EclipseUML_E340_2008_studioEdition_beta_3.4.0.v20080626 - June 26th 2008

  • Upgrade to Eclipse 3.4 Ganymede
  • Sequence diagram layout frame fixed
  • UML method parameter bug fixed
  • Profile diagram bug fixed
  • Composite structure diagram Enhancement
  • Collaboration element New

EclipseUML_E340_2008_studioEdition_beta_3.4.0.v20080618 - June 18th 2008

  • State Diagram return type graphical update fixed
  • Stereotype on UML Classes refresh fixed
  • Splash screen Ganymede and not anymore Europa fixed
  • Return in sequence diagram fixed
  • Effect parameters fixed
  • Activity diagrams icons fixed

EclipseUML_E340_2008_studioEdition_beta_3.4.0.v20080617 - June 17th 2008

  • EclipseUML 2008 upgrade from Eclipse 3.3 to Eclipse 3.4 RC4
  • GEF, UML2 and EMF upgrade to RC4

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