Omondo was founded  by a team of marketing and java developers professionals having a long and successfull work experience at Togethersoft, Versant, Software AG. The first team was set up in Paris in 2001.
Then a german office was started in 2004.
In 2006, all the java codding was transfered to Omondo Tunisia, who is currently the larger Omondo office. The codding in France was also stopped. The French Java team  has then created Soyatec using some source code which has been offered for free by Omondo in 2006. Only some none strategic has been given, and not the Omondo core which is only the Omondo property.

A new office is currently being open in London, and will become the new Omondo headquarter in October 2007.

EclipseUML Solutions history:

The first Omondo solution, EclipseUML Free Edition, was  downloaded by over 250,000 users,  and was published on September 22th, 2002.
It was built on the top of the UML metamodel created by Novosoft for UML 1.4 and xmi 1.3.

The second Omondo solution includes two releases, EclipseUML Free and Studio Edition. They were downloded by over 350,000 users,  and published in June 2004.It was built on the top of the UML Metamodel used by IBM Rational, and which was donated to the Eclipse foundation in 2004.
This UML Metamodel is open source, named EclipseUML2, and was UML 2.0 - XMI 2.0 at that time.

The third Omondo solution includes two releases, EclipseUML Free and Studio Europa Edition for Eclipse 3.3. It is build on the top of EclipseUML2 metamodel, is UML 2.1 and XMI 2.1. Having tight Jee integration allows Omondo to expect to double the number of current users. The target is to reach over 700,000 users by the end of 2007.




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