EclipseUML 2.2 for Eclipse 3.5/3.5.2 download for Java and Java EE Modelers

On this page you can find our latest EclipseUML 2.2 Studio Edition release for Eclipse 3.5.2 SR2 Java and Java EE Modelers.
Don't forget to modifiy your eclipse.ini file in order to avoid memory problem:


The test build below is currently available for EclipseUML non paid users and includes a free 30 days evaluation license.
Only paid up users can get the other download links (e.g. EclipseUML as a plugin) by contacting [email protected]
If you are a customer with a valid maintenance and support contract then please contact [email protected] to get  the latest download links.

(How to install the EclipseUML plugin jar file FAQ ):

To launch the jar file from windows: Open the Control Panel > Folder Option > File Types > select Jar > Change > Open with Java

Previous EclipseUML installation should be uninstalled.

Eclipse Studio Version

EclipseUML 2.2 versions has been qualified for :

Eclipse 3.5 release SR2 of the EclipseUML Plugin is written and compiled against version 1.5 of the Java 2 Platform APIs, and targeted to run on version 1.5 or 1.6.x of the Java 2 Runtime Environment, Standard Edition.


Eclipse 3.5.2 & EclipseUML Studio 2.2 full package zip for windows


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Eclipse 3.5 or Eclipse 3.5.2 is required.

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